Memorials and Planned Giving

The SCJGF Memorial Program is designed to honor those individuals who loved golf and their eternal commitment to the future of the game. The passing of one great creates a legacy for another to build upon. That is the purpose of our Memorial Program-to leave the legacy.

When someone is memorialized, his or her name is etched in the SCJGF Memorial plaque, which is on display in the offices of the SCGA. This allows all who pass through the Champions Corridor to see a commemoration of those who loved the game.

Caddie Circle - $25

Patron Circle - $50

Partner Circle - $100

Benefactor Circle - $250

Champion Circle - $500

Founders Circle - $1,000

Heritage Circle - $5,000

2017 Memorials:
Ron Fleming
Leroy Rabon
Rick McLaughlin
Lofton Cox
Wayne Wren
Dale Dority
Grace Frazier
Charlie Harrell
John Grisetti
Sid Paine

2016 Memorials:
Jonathan Langford
Charles Croom, Jr.
Tom Taylor
Jerry Stafford
Billy Poteat
Rod Case
Mike Williams
Billy Delk
John Ferguson
Shirley Deasy
Crawford Cook
Bill Sutcliffe
Helen Forrester
Leon Castles
Phil Stanley
Bob Berretta

2015 Memorials:
Kent Hungerpiller
W.C. Hawkins
Jerry Hollifield
Tony Alewine
Mendall Bedenbaugh
Andy Horton
Harry Holland
Claude Kirkland
Charles Edwards
Parks Hutto
Dr. Samuel Ham
Lori North
Bob Russell
Chris Corn
Herbert Timmon
Harry Wills
Marion Frazier
Jackson Moore
Betty Jordan
Brian Bosco
Jimmy Finklea

2014 Memorials:
John Black
Bob Stokes
Jim Harper
Leo F. Thomas
Kenny Cloniger
Bill Higgins

2013 Memorials:
Dayton Riddle
Boyce Buckner
Carol DuPre
Bob Stabrylla
Terry Florence
Sam Keese
Otis Jack Matthews
Eddie Mitchell
Mark Alexander
Beetle Bailey
Dr. John J. Jordan
Ed Harvey
Bebe Stine
Tom Churchill
Leo McGuire
Glenn Roberts
Harry Lancaster, Sr.
Charles Moore

2012 Memorials:
Betty Hair Smith
Marc Sunshine
Paul Beacham, Jr.
C. Dan Joyner
Bubba Hightower
Jerry Fink
Wallace Reed
Guy Jeffcoat
Charles Warren, Jr.
Pat Meaken

2011 Memorials:  
John Kaskin
Mrs. Eddie Barrett
David DuPre
Linda Ernst
Paul W. Dawson
R.G. Reynolds
Neal Baker
Rozellen Bennett
Russell Munn
Edmund Potter
Jim Huffman